Wet dream: more than one skin tone in acnl


Perfect peaches are premium in Breeze!!

Hey guys, if you wanna sell your peaches here ( July 23rd 12 pm), add my FC: 3136-6573-2585 and send me yours in an ask! Peaches are not my native fruit! ◕‿-。

I’m also giving away free flowers from the lower half of my town! Not ANY by the lighthouse or by the bus stop/campsite, just the ones in rows, you’ll know which ones. Pretty much no hybrids. ♫

You may also take any fruit that is not perfect cherries!! 

 ▶ Please don’t run,

 ▶ Take any flowers you’re not supposed too, and you’ll ruin it for everyone

 ▶ Don’t chat to my villagers,

PS. My internet is being a little buggy, nothing bad though, if we disconnect let me know and we can retry! ♫

If you wanna do anything to give something back, I’m currently looking for a coffee cup, ornate rug, sweets bookcase, sloppy chair! (*´・v・)


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i feel like every person has a collection of vague, disjointed memories of seinfeld episodes so you could go up to somebody and start talking to them about an episode that never even happened and they’d still be like “yeah i think i remember that one” with complete honesty because that’s the unique influence seinfeld has on the mind 

A show about nothing is a show about everything.

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